1. Submit your manuscript: Authors send in their manuscripts, and our team of skilled editors carefully review and revise the content to ensure. its highest quality

  2. Personalized consultation: We believe in collaboration, so we discuss your project in detail, offering you a range of options tailored to your unique vision and publishing needs.

  3. Transparent contract: Once we reach an agreement, we sign a contract that outlines all the details, ensuring transparency and clarity throughout the publishing process.

  4. Crafting your masterpiece: We work diligently on our end to produce a publication that meets our high-quality standards, leaving no detail untouched. Additionally, we provide an ISBN that gives you the right to commercialize the book.

  5. Printing options and decisions: We offer guidance on printing options, helping you make informed decisions to achieve the best results for your book. Please note that the author decides how many copies they are going to print and bears the cost and shipping.

  6. Printing rights: AAfter the printing process, you receive a PDF file of your completed book, with full rights to reprint and distribute as many copies as you wish. All the profits belong to you, as we do not commercialize your work.

At Tower House Press, we believe in empowering authors and nurturing their literary process with our personalized approach, exceptional quality, and unwavering support. We ensure that your book becomes a cherished masterpiece that you can share with the world with pride. Let’s put your words into paper!